Curry Tofu

Serves 3/4

250g tofu
1 apple
1 onion
1 tablespoon butter/margarine/etc
1 teaspoon salt
1 pinch pepper1 tablespoon sugar
2 teaspoon curry powder
1 tablespoon plain flour
1 cup stock or water
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1/2 cup rice (boiled)

1. Cut tofu into small pieces then fry/brown them
2. Cut apple and onion into dice
3. Heat butter/marg in a saucepan
4. Fry the onion and apple
5. Add all the dry ingredients except meat and rice, and stir for one minute over heat.
6. Add water or stock and stir till boiling
7. Simmer gently for 15 minutes
8. Add the meat and lemon juice and allow to simmer in the sauce till tofu is thoroughly heated, about 10 minutes.
9. Serve on a hot plate, and arrange rice around the curry and garnish with thin half slices of lemon, standing the lemon up.

Cutting Onions like a Boss

Can’t get a grip on your emotions when cutting onions? Tears just wont stop flowing? Well there’s a solution, there’s no need to be upset.


This has been a trick within the family for generations, and I am now sharing it with the world wide interwebs.
You’re going to need the following equipment
1x knife
1x onion
1x cutting board
1x mini fan (think little fan blasting the fat bus drivers face on an old school bus without AC)

Position your fan so it’s sending air over the onion as you chop it, taking the fumes with you. That’s it, that’s all there is to it.

No messing around washing onions inbetween cuts, no consumables, no tears.

Fully endorsed by Johnsons for the no more tears factor*

*not really endorsed.

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger a Vegetarian

It can be hard to admit you’re wrong, but ultimately you’re more respected for it. Arnold Schwarzenegger has long time been a fan of mass consumption of meat; he wasn’t Mr Olympia multiple times for nothing.

When Arnie surprisingly came out and told people to eat less meat and advocated the increased consumption of vegetables you can imagine the responses. Twitter was alight with heckling, calling him a hypocrit for all the years he spent as a bodybuilder and the amount of beef he consumed.

So is Arnold Schwarzenegger a Vegetarian? No, he isn’t, but it’s not to say we wont see him completely make the transition in the years to come.

However, if you are looking to make the transition yourself, Arnie has suggested the best way to cut down on the meat consumption is to have a few meat free days a week. Imagine that, the same Arnie who is famous for delivering lines such as ‘you hit like a vegetarian’.
Follow my adapted Arnold Schwarzenegger meal plan, perfect if you want to become a vegan body builder.

In vitro meat

With the rapidly advances of technology come the benefits; meat without the guilt and suffering.

To achieve this, scientists have managed to replicate a beef steak that is practically identical to it’s grass fed counterpart.

It’s called in-vitro meat, and although we we may still be years off seeing it within our supermarket shelves, Dutch scientists say at the end of the year we should be eating in-vitro hamburgers.

Professor Mark Post, head of the meat refining process at the Maastricht University states this in-vitro technology could greatly reduce the environmental impact caused by cattle and other livestock.
Livestock in general uses around 70% of the worlds farming land, 8% of the fresh water supply of the world and close to 19% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

In-vitro meat, good for the environment by reducing gassy, resource intensive livestock is also great for the ethical treatment of animals; to create meat without the slaughter of an animal.
This will also affect exports, no more animals being live exported means the slaughterhouses that practice inhumane slaughter will cease to exist.

Here’s a thought – is In-vitro meat Halal?

According a taste test within the UK, a lab grown burger patty was fried, served and eaten by 3 critics who all commented on the dryness and lack of flavour. Apart from this, all 3 they mentioned that it was completely passable as a replacement for typical animal meat, but agreed it required more work to be at the current standard. Surely it must be better than a McDonalds burger patty – why not start the replacements there?

As it stands, the price and flavour of the current in-vitro meat is what is holding it back from reaching market, but when these concerns are properly addressed and resolved, there is no reason why we should not start to see in-vitro meat become common in our supermarkets, fridges and restaurants.

There are a few supporters backing the vegetarian/meat free movement, with Arnie recently coming out in the media with his guns blazing, fully endorsing the reduced consumption of meat and increased intake of vegetables. This leads me to the question – is Arnold Schwarzenegger a vegetarian?

Milk vs Almond Milk

Milk vs Almond Milk

Milk vs Almond milk – what should you have?

We’ve seen a lot of advertising pushing cows milk as the be all end all. There’s a few misconceptions about Milk vs Almond Milk and what we should be consuming.
Although studies have been performed, there’s no definitive answer but but some general guidelines.

Ever since switching to Almond milk, I find myself often answering the same questions and correcting the false information time and time again.
‘You need milk for your bones’
‘You’ll end up with osteoperosis!’
‘My best friends nan never drank milk and she has no hips left – how do you explain that?’
‘Almond milk? What next – lab grown in-vitro meat?’
Enough already!

What Is Calcium, and Where Do We Get It?

Calcium isn’t just in cows milk; as well as cruciferous veggies and legumes, you can find it within Almond milk and often at the same nutritional content.
The almond milk must be fortified for it to contain calcium.
– Cows Milk
– Almond Milk
– Cruciferous vegies
– Legumes

Growing Healthy Bones

You need calcium for your bones.
Up until age 30, as long as you have a high enough calcium intake, bone production exceeds bone destruction.
Consume your recommended daily intake of calcium from whatever source you wish.

What Is Osteoporosis?

In laymans terms, Osteoporosis is ‘porous bones’.
Regardless of your calcium intake, you will typically lose bone mass as you grow older. This is dependent on multiple factors such as how physically active you are, the level your hormones are at as well as genetic factors.

The Harvard study this information is based on.

Milk vs Almond Milk

Calcium is calcium, it does not matter where you get it from. Is there any downsides to switching to almond milk?

Cows milk is a lot higher in protein.

Some of the reasons people switch to almond milk:
– Prefferred taste
– Lactose intolerance
– High in saturated fats
– Lower calories (in some cases 1/3rd the amount of calories in almond milk compared to cows milk)
– Alleged hormones in milk

Which Milk is Healthier?

Both cows milk and almond milk contain the nutrients you need. Vitamin A, D, B and of course Calcium.
Cows milk has the upper hand with phosphorous but almond milk has vitamin E.
Almond milk is naturally lactose-free and does not contain hormones. It is possible to get

Just tell me what to drink, damn it!

It really comes down to personal preference. They can both do the same job.

Then there’s the chestnut of sustainability of almond farms and the ethics of farming cows milk for human consumption
– Do dairy farms use more water than almond farms?