Is Arnold Schwarzenegger a Vegetarian


It can be hard to admit you’re wrong, but ultimately you’re more respected for it. Arnold Schwarzenegger has long time been a fan of mass consumption of meat; he wasn’t Mr Olympia multiple times for nothing.

When Arnie surprisingly came out and told people to eat less meat and advocated the increased consumption of vegetables you can imagine the responses. Twitter was alight with heckling, calling him a hypocrit for all the years he spent as a bodybuilder and the amount of beef he consumed.

So is Arnold Schwarzenegger a Vegetarian? No, he isn’t, but it’s not to say we wont see him completely make the transition in the years to come.

However, if you are looking to make the transition yourself, Arnie has suggested the best way to cut down on the meat consumption is to have a few meat free days a week. Imagine that, the same Arnie who is famous for delivering lines such as ‘you hit like a vegetarian’.
Follow my adapted Arnold Schwarzenegger meal plan, perfect if you want to become a vegan body builder.